Who we are




Smart Solutions & Hotel Management (SSHM) was officially established for the very demand of investors and enterprises looking for a strong, smart consulting and most productive management company. Our Founders and Board of Directors are a team of skilled and highly-motivated talents working in the hospitality industry and have been practicing in the field of investment, consulting and implementing on real estate projects and managing the operation of upscale restaurants, hotels, resorts and other forms of high- class entertainments. They are those who were well trained and competent in their areas with in-depth and broad expertise in which they consider clients’ benefits and satisfaction as the most important while ensuring the stability, development and profitability of their organizations.

Our scope of activities include Consultancy, Investment, Sales & Marketing representation, Development of real estates/hospitality and asset management and more. We also specialize in providing operational and managerial training in an effort to contribute to human resources development in the hospitality industry.Committed to delivering high quality, We aim to help our clients become high performance businesses by using our industry knowledge and capacity.

In a fierce and fast-paced competition, we identify new business trends and offer solutions for our clients on developing their new projects to expand and diversify their business, set strategies to enter local and regional markets with fruitful success, implement Operational Master Plan to increase their revenue, optimize organizational performance to develop and retain their high potential managers, deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently to enhance their company image through brand building and positioning.

To do this, we have established close relationships with the world’s and local leading companies and work with organizations of all sizes and levels. Our commitment to clients’ expectations and satisfaction strengthens and extends our relationships with them. Our Core Values have shaped our corporate culture and positioned our company brand from how we behave and make decisions.

We believe that the best way to sustain respectable business is high quality service focusing on the right attitude and real benefits offered and that professionalism, knowledge and skills must be built by ethics. Doing thorough researches for innovative service is also our assurance to a qualitative organization. By enhancing our consulting and management expertise with alliances, we help clients to best meet their goals and objectives in every part of their businesses, from strategic planning to daily operations. With prestigious partners, SSHM can surely mobilize the right human resources, skills and technologies to help clients to Optimize Organization Performance and Results.

We welcome local and foreign investors, business owners, partners, suppliers, experts and specialists… to our products, services and cooperation with a commitment to bring you exceeded expectations through a motto “ Customer satisfaction is our first priority” together with a slogan “ Global standards for local price”. Thank you for spending your time studying our company through this brochure and wish you healthy, happy and great success.



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