Property consultancy on High-class restaurants, Hotel, Resort, Serviced Apartments… The harmonious teamwork of our experts will assist you with full service package from investment application submittance, and necessary procedure clearance on land allocation, setting up of pre-feasibility projects, designing, construction, equipment of facilities…to the step of verification for operation.


We offer assistance to owner(s) with a partial or full project until a license is obtained on investment acceptance policy, investment license, and/or construction license…


Consultancy on concept setting and idea creation of architectures for hotels, resorts and high class entertainment spots… By having experienced these many architectures, both traditional and modern, we are confident to provide consultancy and help you to start up with a new idea for your self-chosen architecture which is so impressive and based on geographic locations, traditional culture values, strength and characteristics of each region and locale in combination with potential market demands and tendencies in which budget allocation is carefully reviewed for different models.


Hospitality consultancy and operation management. Our awarded achievement and recognized experience set us above our competitors in helping you form and shape your desired management model for your operation running and properties from human resources outsourcing and professional training scheduling, product design and service pricing, strategy setting of sales and marketing and public relations, technical maintenance and expansion of investment as well as close financial control which aims at optimizing operation effectiveness, increasing revenue, minimizing cost and expenses and maximizing the investment ratio. You can be assured of our free-risk management of your properties thus getting rid of opportunity costs and spending more time on strategy setting and planning for your company. Our strength and competitiveness are options of soft and flexible management fees. However, high quality service are always considered as a top priority and ensured for synchronous and uniform standards of international scale. Your every penny is valued and we make continuous efforts to be more creative in daily operation for the maximization of profits and high return on investment. Most importantly, great care is taken to build and position your company brand on a high profile and from recognization of customers.


Sales & Marketing representative office and distribution agent for tourist products and services. Possessing practical understanding and firm background experience of Sales & Marketing planning and PR strategies setting in partnership with well-known media corporations at the right time in the right situation, we strongly believe we can quickly increase sales volume for more profits ( for hotels, resorts, tour operators/travel agents…) and create various options for our customers and partners with definite commitment to quality service.


Consultancy, outsourcing and provision of human resources. With years of in-depth expertise and competent experience of running and managing hotels, resorts, entertainment spots…we have been establishing outstanding human relations and networks which possess high competence in vocational, language and management skills ready to be at your need at any time.


Consultancy on selection of suppliers and directly supply hotel equipment and facilities. We cover a wide range of such services as consultancy, provision and introduction of hospitality solutions, architects, construction engineers, project managers, machinery and engineering ( M&E) Interior and exterior furniture for hotels and resorts… Operating facilities for restaurants, bars, café and entertainment spots… Industrial equipment for hotels and restaurants ( laundry and dry-cleaning machines; dish-washing machines; roasting, frying and baking machines; elevators; water pumpers; electric generators; telephone PABX; sounding and camera systems; refrigerators and minibars; TVs, TV cabling and informatics… All kinds of chemical substances for restaurants, hotels, resorts used in kitchen and housekeeping cleaning… Amenities and food for restaurants, hotels and resorts. Sole agents of many suppliers of property management systems (PMS) Introduction and supplier of building materials and construction equipment and machinery.


Training consultancy and direct training provider. By having a great team of experienced, highly-practical experts competent in teaching and training methods which are learner-focused, we not only provide traditional vocational training but also motivate and stipulate creativeness of each individual to flexibly handle job tasks in every different and challenging situation. Through this approach, we are proud and confident to give you a strong hand in building a firm platform for success based on core values and mottos which say “We are the opportunity creator and you are the taker” Our training concentrates on short-term courses helping to solve problems directly affecting the service quality unexpectedly causing negative impression on your corporate image/brand which you have taken great efforts to build, position and paid for. The effective and efficient training we provide significantly bases on in-house courses in which trainees have the opportunity to apply into their daily job. And the fruitful results can be seen through the harmonious teamwork of your staff and customers’ satisfactory indexes.